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The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show

Feb 22, 2020

Oddly enough, two major sports leagues not currently in season are grabbing the headlines. George "the Howitzer" Gerbo and Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti deep dive into some very asinine news from the past week out of the NFL and Major League Baseball. 

The NFL as we know it may change drastically if the newly proposed collective bargaining agreement goes into effect. Mike and George discuss which side between the owners and players is getting the better end of the deal and how a 17th week and new playoff format could impact the league. 

In other news, the Astros now aren't the only ones talking about their cheating. With so many prominent players speaking out and directing so much venom at the Astros, will things get even uglier once the season starts? How will the legacy of those implicated in the sign stealing scandal be viewed in comparison to those with a cloud looming over them for steroid use?

The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....