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The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show

Feb 5, 2021

Super Bowl LV if finally here, but on this edition of the Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, George “the Howitzer” Gerbo and Mike “the Buzz-saw” Asti discuss why the game itself is not bringing as much intrigue as past years. They give their picks and touch on Tom Brady’s legacy. Mike explains why Brady advancing to a Super Bowl without Bill Belichick does NOT tarnish Belichick’s standing as the greatest coach ever. 

After the Super Bowl talk, the show then transitions into the NFL as a whole with a focus on some quarterbacks who have been in the news lately. How much better does Matthew Stafford make the Rams? What lessons should be taken from the Rams trading Jared Goff? George and Mike then debate if any of other notable quarterbacks fed up with their current situation will actually be traded, focusing on Aaron Rodgers and his future in Green Bay. 

It’s a super (bowl) edition of the Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day at a time....